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Sarah Catherine
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I'm an amateur artist and a hobbyist writer, actress, and singer. I hope to be a professional in one or two of these some day, but if that day never comes- my fall back is psychology and psychotherapy, or being a history professor. Whichever one becomes more pertinent in the near future.

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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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War Brick by OminousDemure
War Brick
This is a photo I took out at Fort Pulaski, a Civil War fort in Savannah, GA.
Cambria sat in her bed, typing away on her computer. Her stomach rumbled again, and she sighed. She checked her clock, it was a little past two. She had been writing for 4 hours now, and she suddenly felt a strong need to get up and move around. She stood and stretched, and rubbed her belly. She hadn’t eaten since around 7, so she shuffled into the kitchen in her quaint one-bedroom apartment. When she opened the refrigerator, all she could find was beer and a few apples.

“Dammit, I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.. today? Whatever,” she mumbled. The apples didn’t look too appealing and her stomach growled again. She grumbled and grabbed her jacket and keys from their hooks. She figured she would go to the convenience store across the street and grab some munchies. She slipped some shoes on and trumped out the door, fumbling with the keys to lock it. She dropped her keys with a loud clang on the floor, and she tossed her head back with a disgruntled curse. As she bent down to get her keys, she heard a frustrated sigh and some rustling. She turned around and saw a woman laying on the floor with a blanket and a couch pillow. It was the girl from across the hall, Sarie. Cambria pursed her lips and gave an amused huff.

“What are you doing out here in the hallway?” Cambria asked. Sarie sat up quickly and snapped her head in Cambria’s direction.

“Oh, I uh.. Well my roommate’s girlfriend is over tonight and uhm…” Sarie raised her eyebrows and shimmied her shoulders a little. Cambria snorted and rolled her eyes.

“They kicked you out?” she asked.

“Oh no,” Sarie replied. “I left on my own. Our bedrooms share a wall, and they were so loud.” She ran her fingers through her hair and yawned. Cambria tried to hide a smile.

“Dude that sucks so bad. If you need a place to crash tonight, you can sleep on my couch. It may not be the most comfortable thing in the world, but it’s quiet and much better than the floor in the hallway,” she offered. Sarie’s eyes got wide.

“Oh my god are you serious? Oh thank you so much you’re a saint!” Sarie sighed. She rose from the floor and picked up her blanket and pillow.

“I was just on my way out to grab some snacks from the convenience store if you wanna come with me,” Cambria said as she opened her door again. Sarie nodded and dropped her things on the couch. She stifled a giggle as she glanced around Cambria’s apartment. It was a mess. Cambria blushed a little.

“I apologize for the horrid state my place is in at the moment, I just haven’t gotten around to cleaning yet,” She explained. Sarie shook her head.

“No need to apologize, it really isn’t a big deal. The only reason my place is ever clean is because Faye is a neat freak.”

The women strode down the street and into the store. After having picked out a few things, Sarie asked, “What were you doing up so late? And leaving?”

“Well I’ve been hunched over my laptop for like four hours working on a story, and I realized that I hadn’t eaten in several hours. There’s nothing in my fridge but beer and bad apples right now so I decided to get some snacks. Brain food for brain storming,” Cambria replied.

“Oh I didn’t know you were a writer. Have you ever gotten anything published?”

“Unless you count the stuff I shove out on the internet, no. That’s why I still work at Best Buy,” Cambria said. Sarie giggled and shook her head.

“We’ve all been there.”

They paid for their snacks and walked back to Cambria’s apartment. When they walked in the door, Sarie couldn’t help herself and dove onto the couch. Cambria stifled a chuckle and they said their goodnights. As Cambria closed her bedroom door, she picked up a pillow off her bed and hugged it tight and snuggled her face into it. The smile on her face was so wide and she squeaked into the pillow. The hottest girl in the building was sleeping on her couch. She hoped and prayed that there would be many more incidents with the roommate in the future.
Well That Happened
This is a new little blurb based on the prompt: "I got up at 2 am to get some snacks at the convenience store across the street and opened my door to find you trying to sleep on the floor in my hallway for whatever reason so I guess I'll lend you my couch for the night." Cambria is a character that I have yet to develop in any way at all, so yeah. Also LESBIANS
Sarie Sarcathong always tied a silver ribbon in her brassy, orange-blonde hair. She always wore her dad's old chocolate-brown corduroy jacket. She was very fond of her grandfather's pipe and hand-painted silk ties. She wore high, empire-waist trousers with a wide leg that rested right beneath her bust. Her button down, Cambridge collar shirts were a different bright color every day. She always wore chocolate-brown, suede chunk heel platform ankle boots to match her father's jacket. She had large, black rimmed Ray Ban eye glasses. Her lips were always painted with Besamé Red Velvet lipstick. Her cheeks were dusted with her mother's light pink blush, the brand name long worn off the compact. Her winged eye liner always came to a sharp point, even and symmetrical. She wore a large, matte black Michael Khors watch on her left wrist. She wore the same, medium sized white pearl earrings every day. Her nails were always kept long, and always painted, usually a neutral grey color. She always carried a beat up old copy of Red Dragon by Thomas Harris in a weathered brown leather messenger bag.
This is a basic run down of what this new character looks like, I can't think of what her living space looks like so I made her first.
Luce lives in a decent sized one-bedroom apartment. The bedroom is smallish, the walls are painted marine blue, the floor covered in a dingy, once-white carpet. There’s a rug on the floor patterned like the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, hand made for her 18th birthday. The walls are covered in posters and pictures that she’s collected over the years, and a small marker board calendar. There’s a crack in the wall left by the previous tenant. Luce’s full sized bed is pushed up in the corner under the rooms’ only window. Across from the bed is a large walk-in closet that houses the washer and the dryer; the door to said closet leans against the wall over the doorway, the hinges gone. A large trunk sits on the floor at the end of the bed; a 1920’s era Louis Vuitton trunk that belonged to her great-grandmother. The quilt on the bed was a graduation present from Luce’s grandmother, an old quilt her grandmother made for Luce’s mother as a wedding present. Below that are old dark purple sheets that have a few small burn holes in them from the times that Luce has fallen asleep with a cigarette. The whole apartment smells of Marlboro’s, her perfume, and whatever candle she has decided to light for the day- usually a vanilla sugar cookie scent. There is no door on the hinges of her bedroom’s doorway, so she has hung a dark red curtain with a gold rope attached to tie it back and hand on a small hook she placed on the wall for it. The overhead light in the room doesn’t work, so Luce uses strings of small fairy lights hung all along the walls, and a floor lamp with four positionable heads. Pushed up against the wall opposite the bed is a desk she bought at a garage sale. It’s littered with crumpled papers and candy wrappers, all hiding a desk calendar that’s still dated back about four months. There are two wire-mesh organizers, one for folders, another for small office supplies. They are both completely empty, and nearly hidden by knick-knacks and papers, but Luce insists on keeping them. The rest of the apartment is only ever in two states of cleanliness- totally spotless or absolutely wrecked. There is no in-between. Luce is a very scatter-brained woman and only ever ‘half tidies’ things, until the mess becomes completely unlivable. When she does focus on things, she gets a kind of tunnel-vision focus, and neglects just about everything; the need to et, personal hygiene, her ever-ringing cellphone, everything. Though quite strange, Luce is a nice enough person. She starts up conversations with anyone who will listen to her rambling. But at the same time, she’s the sort of girl you didn’t bring home, because you knew she would be there when you opened the door, petting your cat and talking to your parents, leaving you wondering how the hell she got in.
A Study in Luce
This is a general character thingy I did just because, and I think she might become one of my main characters in my short stories and such. I like putting together the living space before most things because it helps me get a sense of how they live and helps me visualize what the person looks like and helps me to develop their personality.

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